Merger News

On February 6, 2020, after 6 months of consulting with Executive Service Corp, the boards of Chapel Hill Carrboro Meals on Wheels (CHCMOW) and Orange County Rural Alliance (OCRA) unanimously approved a merger of the two organizations.  

To represent our broader geographic service area, we will have a new name: Meals on Wheels Orange County, serving Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Rural Orange. Our new acronym will be MOWOCNC.

The guiding principle for the merger has been to provide equitable access to meals on wheels services across Orange County, ensuring that older adults, homebound adults, adults with disabilities and those convalescing have access to hot, balanced meals and weekday daily check-ins. We realize you might have some questions, as to how this merger will impact each organization, volunteers, staff, and recipients. We look forward to answering all of your questions! To start we have answered a few general questions below. As more decisions are made we will continue to share any updates as soon as possible, through email and our monthly newsletter. 

Why merge and why now?

Both organizations recognized the increased need for meals on wheels services in Orange County but have been limited by funding and small size. Our merged organization will serve a larger number of recipients more efficiently and cost-effectively. Moreover, as a single organization, we will be better positioned to compete for larger grants and corporate funding. Now is the perfect time to join together and commit the passion of our volunteers, staff and funders to create a more sustainable organization that will be better positioned to meet growing community needs. 

What comes next?

The merger will initiate the drafting of legal documents and formal tasks required to merge the two organizations: dissolve one business entity and establish a new name.  We are grateful for the continued support of our ESC consultants, as well as pro-bono legal services, which have enabled us to keep costs associated with merger as low as possible. 

How will this work?

The merged organization will maintain headquarters in Chapel Hill and the Hillsborough facility will serve as a satellite hub for food distribution to rural northern Orange County. In many aspects, volunteers may not recognize any significant changes. At present, CHCMOW offers 5 meals per week and OCRA offers 2 meals per week. In 2020 we will maintain current service levels with the goal of raising increased funds to enable additional meals to be offered to the current Hillsborough satellite routes in 2021, until each recipient who needs 5 meals per week will have access to hot, balanced meals and check-ins, M-F. 

How can I help?

  • Consider joining one of our committees: Development, Communications/Marketing, Finance and Volunteers. Committee work is extremely important to successful non-profits and we are always looking for new ideas and new members! Contact Rachel at  

  • Donate! The more money we raise the more meals we are able to deliver!