Current Volunteers

This page provides helpful materials for our current volunteers. Not currently active? Call us at 919-942-2948 extension 2 to start back up. Ready to volunteer? Fill out the Volunteer form to get started.

Offering Extra Help

Sometimes a recipient may ask a volunteer for extra assistance or support beyond the Meals on Wheels service. Please relay all of these requests to the CHCMOW office at 919-942-2948Certain requests may have legal and insurance ramifications. Under no circumstances is it permissible for a Chapel Hill Carrboro Meals on Wheels volunteer to transport a recipient or offer medical or financial advice or support. For more information, click here.

Meal Delivery Procedures

Upon knocking or ringing the doorbell at the residence, please clearly identify yourself as a CHCMOW volunteer.

Please wait patiently at the residence, as it may take the recipient a few minutes to reach the door.

Never enter a recipient’s home, unless given permission to enter by the recipient or other resident at each visit.

Please place the food where requested and open containers if needed.

​Do not leave the green delivery bag at the residence. If required for a recipient to bring the meal into their residence, you can ask if help is needed. If recipient declines, you can leave the bag but retrieve the bag that was used the previous day so we can maintain enough bags in circulation. 

If the recipient plans to eat later in the afternoon, encourage him/her to refrigerate the meal (bag lunches, delivered on Fridays, need to be refrigerated until eaten).

Visit briefly with each recipient to check on his or her wellbeing (if a family member, friend, or caregiver answers the door regularly and the recipient is not visible, you may ask to visit with him or her and if not possible, ask how the recipient is doing today).

If a recipient chooses to pay, by check or cash, please complete and sign the receipt and leave a copy with the recipient.

If a recipient does not come to the door, please contact the recipient by phone at the number listed in the binder. Sometimes recipients can hear the phone but not a knock at the door. 

If the recipient does not answer or come to the door, inform the office that the recipient was not reachable. Do not leave a meal. Bring the meal back with you to the office when you return at the end of your route.

If there is an emergency that you become aware of after entering the apartment or is visible from the door or window, call 911 immediately and then call the CHCMOW office. Please stay at the residence until EMS arrives.