Current Volunteers

The information on this page is primarily for those who are already serving as volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page. Below, you will find a collection of helpful tips, instructions and procedures to make your experience volunteering safe, productive and rewarding.


Daily Procedures at the MOW office

  • Arrive at Binkley Church at 10:30am on your scheduled day to volunteer.
  • Review volunteer booklet cover sheet and client cards and note any changes on the route.  Count and verify that you have the correct number of meals, fruits/desserts, breads and drinks.
  • Inform the volunteer day chairperson about any upcoming dates that you will be absent and need a substitute.  
  • After loading the supplies in your car, place the MOW placard in your car window.
  • Leave the office around 10:30am to begin the route.

Note: You are encouraged to take a cell phone on the route.  You may need to contact the MOW office or call a client.

Procedures with clients

  • Using the volunteer booklet, verify food choices and instructions for client(s) at each stop.
  • Remember to lock your car.
  • At each residence, please wait patiently; it may take a few minutes for the client to open the door.  Identify yourself as a MOW volunteer.  Place the food where requested and open containers if needed.  If the client plans to eat later in the afternoon, encourage him/her to refrigerate the meal.  Bag lunches (delivered on Fridays) need to be refrigerated until eaten.
  • Visit briefly with each client to check on his or her well-being.  If a family member or friend answers the door regularly and the client is not visible, you could ask to visit with him or her.
  • If no one answers and the door is locked, do one of the following:  1) place the food in a cooler when one has been provided; or 2) follow client’s instructions to leave the meal with a neighbor.
  • If no one answers but the door is unlocked, you may go inside, call the client’s name and identify yourself.  Check other rooms in the house for his/her whereabouts.  If you still do not see the client, leave the meal inside the home.
  • Emergency situations: If someone has fallen or is unconscious or bleeding, do not move the person.  Call 911 from the client’s home for assistance. Then call the office at 942-2948.  Stay with the client until 911 arrives.
  • At the beginning of each month, client bills are delivered with the meals.    Some clients may give you a payment.  If you receive cash, please give the client a receipt (located inside booklet).  Bring payments to office when you return.

After completing the deliveries

  • Return volunteer booklet to the office.
  • Clean all storage containers, including cooler(s), milk bag and tubs and return them to their marked places in the closet.
  • Inform the director about anything unusual that occurred during the route, such as a client not answering the door when you expected him/her to be home.  Also, report your concerns about a client’s health, well-being or living situation.  Follow-up with the client or family may be needed.
  • If the Director or Day chair is not present when you return, fill out an incident report and leave it in the receptacle on the office door.
  • Please remember that information regarding clients is confidential. Their identities, addresses, diagnoses and/or problems should not be discussed with persons not involved with the MOW program.
Thank you.  As a volunteer, you provide valuable assistance to folks who need nutritional help and social contact in an effort to enhance the quality of their lives.  Your compassion, wisdom, time, and the use of your vehicle and gasoline are greatly appreciated!