Looking at the Most Appealing Attractions Found in OC


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Visit and Experience Orange County

California is undoubtedly one of the most well-known states in all of America. Tourists will often visit so that they can enjoy the numerous beaches that have made this area so famous. Orange County, in particular, will appeal to sun lovers. There are countless other parts of OC that see a significant amount of annual visitors. In fact, tourism has become an essential aspect of the county's economy.


This theme park is by far the most prominent tourism draw within OC. The many rides and events at the park have become world-famous. It is common for people to spend entire days touring Disneyland in order to experience all of the attractions. Over the past 50 years, attendance has steadily increased.

Actors dress up as well-known Disney characters and interact with patrons. The park also sells a plethora of film and television merchandise. Parades and firework exhibitions are familiar sights. If families are within the OC area, they will likely wish to visit Disneyland.

Anaheim Convention Center

Across from the Disneyland Resort is the Anaheim Convention Center. Each year it holds a number of varied events. Some of the most well-known include BlizzCon, WonderCon, the Anime Expo, and VidCon. In 1984 the Center hosted the wrestling tournaments for the Summer Olympic Games. As a result of the many high-profile events, the Center has become one of the most visited establishments within all of Orange County.